May 15, 2013


lately that word is a four letter word to me. (ha, well, it's always a four letter word but you know what i mean)  work is running me ragged. i am exhausted by the time i put the boys down and am really struggling lately to do anything more than sit and put my feet up, much less blog. oye.

have i mentioned that i am getting to take the month of june off from work? one awesome perk of my company is that after 5 years of service you get 4 weeks off (like a mini sabbatical) in addition to normal vacation. i actually qualified while on maternity leave last year so i've patiently waited an extra year :) but i'll be work-free from june 3 - july 7. wooohooo!!! the first question everyone always has is what are you going to do? and my answer is nothing. it sounds amazing to me. sit outside, get some sun, and do nothing. i think in reality it's going to be very hard to do. i keep thinking of things that will fill up my time.

how would you spend 4 weeks off? i guess i should say that i don't have all of that time to myself everyday - the boys are going to be home too but they will also still be going to daycare so i get 2.5 days completely to myself each week!

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