May 8, 2013

Cobblestone Pavers

we have been pondering for a while now lining our driveway with cobblestone pavers. it would be up the left side from the road all the way to the garage then down along the fence side. and then the inside of the little half-moon part.

(note again our lack of grass which is oh so pretty)

we've gotten a couple of quotes and this is a project we're going to have to save a little longer for. however one guy said he would cut the driveway so the cobblestones lay flush (we're thinking we want them flush, not raised) and the other guy said he would cut into the grass. both seem to have pluses and minuses. anyone have any experience with this? particularly with installing them after the driveway is done?

some inspiration...

catalano architects

polhemus savery dasilva; repinned from jennifer at belclaire house :)

bad iphone shot in my 'hood

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