May 30, 2013

Not Saying Sorry

at work we have this group called career moms that meets about once a month. it's a way to connect with other moms and also talk about all the fun stuff that comes with having kids, working, and trying to balance it all. we read a really funny article that tina fey wrote for the new yorker - an excerpt of it is here:

the article brought up lots of topics, one of which was saying sorry. we all agreed that as mothers, wives, and maybe just women in general we say sorry too often or in cases when in fact we shouldn't be sorry. like, sorry for leaving work early to pick up a sick child - is it our fault we have a sick kid? no.
so i'm trying to say sorry less or say it when it's something i'm truly sorry for and not feel bad for things that aren't in my control. what do you think? are you a victim of this?

and totally random pic that i love not at all related to this post...
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