May 28, 2013

Pantry Jar Decals

from house of smiths!! i had bookmarked these decals forever ago and just recently replaced my pantry jars with some from the container store - they were worthy of adding a decal! i wanted the canisters to be see through, have a wide opening, and have an air tight seal and these acrylic ones fit the bill. although now i kind of wish i got these glass ones. oh well.

they come in a set of 5 - salt and powdered sugar will have to wait :)

it was super easy to put these on. took me all of about 5 minutes. she suggests using a credit card or spatula to smooth out the decals - i used a wooden spoon and it worked perfectly. i got a little too confident by the time i got to the brown sugar which is a tad crooked. but here is a much better picture of the decals from shelly smith's, of house of smiths, own pantry!

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