May 23, 2013

Updated Lighting!

my house is now inundated with new light fixtures and i couldn’t be happier! we decided to replace the fixture in the mudroom which was really pretty nondescript (here was my inspiration). one minor hitch to my big reveal - i forgot to take a "before" shot. how dumb can i get? really. but it was similar to this (which is in our office):

and now this - instead of madly cleaning up before taking the picture, i left everything as is. this is real life after all!

also added those woven baskets which i think cleans it up !

then, as you might remember because i've only been talking about it for like months now, we decided to replace the fixtures in the upstairs hall with some shiny new schoolhouse beauties. these pictures are terrible but the old fixtures were traditional ugly nipple lights (this is what we call them, classy i know).

i think the new ones add some character and look so much more interesting.

(please just ignore those random pillows tucked into the bookcase, k?)

and we switched out the sconces by the front door! before they were way too dark and heavy for the space.

and after, crystal and pretty!

then finally our master bedroom...the new fixture ended up being back ordered and just arrived yesterday. but that room also has a boring nipple light that is not close to bright enough. here is the new one that will be going up...

i think that will be it for the lighting department for a while although the office is the other one that majorly bugs me. in time, in time :)  oh and for those who might be wondering what we're doing with the perfectly good fixtures that were replaced...they have been donated to goodwill. all of them!

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe the difference. Good choices!

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