May 6, 2013

Weekend Work

heyyyy.  how was your weekend? ours was fab minus a 4:30am wake up call saturday with a pukey toddler. poor charlie :( changed his sheets, our sheets, ran a load of laundry, and gave him a tub all before 6am! but it passed through quickly and no one else (knock on wood) caught it. but i wasn't actually going to talk about vomit today...

the mister and i decided to fill in some empty garden beds at our house this weekend. so during the boys' sunday nap time which was luckily quite long for some reason, we banged out 10 plants in 3 hours!

4 hostas. these will fill out to 2 feet wide but right now they look a little wimpy.

and 6 grasses. the one in the middle grows to 6 feet tall (if you let it) and the side ones get to about 3 feet tall.

(how embarrassing is our lawn (if you can even call it that)??

i was too much of a moron to take before shots but just imagine these beds with nothing in them. just dirt. not a very exciting "before." :) we are feeling very accomplished. there may have been a couple of high fives. now hopefully we will remember to water them!

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