June 24, 2013

Last Of The Drooling

we're back. boo hoo! we had a great time but it's actually really nice to be home too. living in another house has helped me remember how lucky i am to live in a nice spacious place! our rental was cute but little and the kitchen was about the same size as the boys' play kitchen which was a little hard to work with :) we have learned for next time though what we need to look for in rentals!

so here are the last pics that i snapped including the sailboat shutter house that i mentioned before. that one was very close to us and so naturally we drove by it many times, even though it wasn't exactly on the way to most places :)

a little view at a house that was at the end of our street.

checking out the path to the beach!

a place we spent some quality time. this one i love because i caught daddy as he was about to wipe out which i didn't know when i clicked the picture!

a view of wychmere harbor.

the sailboat house :) look at that tiny window with tiny shutters! my pictures really do not do this place justice.

view across the beach to a massive home on the other side (far left). what i would give to know what it looks like inside!!

this house is obviously a lot smaller than the others i've posted but it was immaculate. one of my faves.

that's all until next year :)

1 comment:

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

I'd take the "Small" one....looks like a fabulous vacation! Lovely photos...especially the ones of the family.

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