June 27, 2013

Laundry Room Project: What To Do About Those Walls

oye. so my wallpaper is sadly out (see here) and i needed to figure out plan b. i am now thinking of painting the walls a pale mint green and applying some decals. you just died didn't you? you keeled right over. that doesn't exactly sound like a great alternative right? i wracked my brain for other ideas but saw this image on pinterest from oh joy's nursery.

cute cute...dots or maybe even stars in metallic gold which i think will look awesome against the mint walls. of course i scoured etsy for some options and came up with a shop called urban walls.


decals is way more cost effective and easily changed out. because let's be honest, how long can i really stand to have something be the same?? ;) i don't know, it's at least an idea!

also saw this amaaazing stencil project which is over my head but for you hard core diyers, could be doable.

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Megan said...


This is Megan from Olive Leaf Stencils (www.oliveleafstencils.com). We would like to speak with you about doing a giveaway on your blog. Please contact me at pr@oliveleafstencils.com to discuss details.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time.


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