June 17, 2013

Out Of Office

we are enjoying a little rest and relaxation on the cape this week so posting will be light at best :) one of our favorite things to do is drive around and scope out pretty houses. there is some amazing real estate around here so i had to share.

we're in the heart of polhemus savery dasilva country (amazing architect/builder)!

this one is for sale too if you have 2.8mil!

strangely we know the people who own this house and the inside is stunning. 

i also took a bunch of pics of a new construction home near us that has sailboat cut outs in the shutters. i nearly died. but i took them with my good camera and i can't download the pics because we left our computer at home. hope you have a great week!


michelle said...

i would kill to live in that second house!

Anonymous said...

You could pick any of them! Happy dreaming and have a great time!

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