July 10, 2013

Coral Paint Colors

ok, so i need to nail down the coral paint for the new dining room buffet (!!) and i've come up with a few finalists. actually i have my final final but here are some that i was considering. (the winner is here!)

colors from left to right:

benjamin moore coral gables, martha stewart terra rose, martin senour geranium (third from bottom), pratt and lambert chinese orange, benjamin moore all-a-blaze (second one down), valspar orlean's rose (second from bottom), sherwin williams ardent coral (second from bottom), california paints prime pink (second from top), benjamin moore pink peach, and sherwin williams animated coral.

so any guesses on which one wins?? i was really leaning toward the pink peach (second from the right, large sample which i got from myperfectcolor.com) but it didn't feel like "the" one. i mentioned to the etsy shop owner, lynn, that i also loved chinese orange (fourth from left) - i even love the name - but it was a little pinker than what i had in mind. so i chose ardent coral from sherwin wiliams - fourth from right and third one down. love it!!

lynn gave me a great tip that made my decision definitely easier and i thought i'd pass it along - paint looks lighter and brighter on furniture than on a wall - 3D vs flat. also i'm opting for high gloss on this puppy and the glossier, the brighter it appears. this woman has painted a lot of furniture so i am taking her word for it. ahhh it's still nerve racking - i am really bad and making final decisions on paint!

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Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see how it turns out!

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