August 5, 2013

J Crew Maternity

thank you thank you for the support of my yard sale thus far! i really appreciate it. a lot of the pieces can be repurposed so think outside the box if there is something that catches your eye!

this weekend was a busy one for us and the second weekend in a row with grandparents (both sets!) so our little boys should be feeling very well loved :) they light up my world and have really started interacting with eachother. so fun to watch!

while i'm not, repeat NOT, in the market for maternity clothes, i did see that j crew has finally started a maternity line. not really sure when this came to be since i'm not regularly perusing this type of clothing, but i always thought that was a gap in their brand! actually looks like it's just pants for now...

it's august by the way. and there was a preseason football game on. how did that happen?!

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