August 30, 2013

Rent The Runway

who's tried it? i never have but i'm going to for the first time for a wedding we have this fall (holla kate!!). i rented two because one is bound to not fit or look good.

the first is navy lace by elie tahari ($500 dress for $85 rental + 30% off deal they had going on to give a feel for the prices):

and the second is a black and white kate spade. totally different from the first option and super simple. (it was only $25 for a second rental + 30% off again)

(yes it's called the "hole in one dress". i have no idea how that little caption got there!)

i'm really hoping one of them works but i do need to figure out a back up plan - something i already own! - just in case. have a wonderful and relaxing long weekend friends! ta ta!


Kate said...

Love them both!

Anonymous said...

Jen at work has rented 2x

She just wore the elie in a wedding!


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