August 8, 2013

West Elm Greatness

yesterday the boys and i went on a field trip to west elm for no real reason other than that i haven't been to one in about forever. i seriously wanted one of everything in the store. i quickly snapped this pic of a desk/chair vignette that was perfection.

the lamp on the desk had a black base and shade with a natural brass shaft (shaft?! pole? not better ha). whatever, i need one of those lamps. the chair was super comfortable and random patron there told me that he just bought one and loves it. good for you.

so i ended up coming home with a little ceramic tray with a dachshund wearing a blue and white striped sweater on it that i have absolutely no use for. don't judge. the boys pointed to it and said dog-dog so it came home with us. we were nearing lunch time, there was some "feedback" coming from the toddler faction, and i needed to buy something to thank the people for not staring at us too much. :) (mr. r's exact words were "where did this thing come from" and "we're not keeping this are we?")

p.s. exciting announcement coming tomorrow!!!!


Anonymous said...

i love west elm! and that plate is amazing!

Sheri said...

Everytime and advertisement comes up on my Facebook page for West Elm it shows that dog tray. I love it but can't find it online. Does it have a name or number on the bottom?

Sheri said...

I love that tray. Once in a while a West Elm ad will come up on my Facebook page and it always shows that tray. I can't find it online. Does it have a name or number on it?

meredith said...

hi sheri - it's so cute isn't it?! the link to the tray is in the post but it looks like the striped one is out of stock online. a store might have it though if you call their 800 number. it's called the goggle plate. just in case:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-

Sheri said...

Thanks for the info but sad to say they're out of stock because they were discontinued. Oh well.

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