September 12, 2013


i’ve been thinking lately about the mistakes i’ve made while trying to paint/decorate/make my house feel like a home. some of mine are staring me in the face on a daily basis so that’s probably why! i get so afraid to make mistakes – especially on paint colors – that it’s sometimes paralyzing. and i don’t share the mistakes i make often enough (hardly ever really) though i make them all the time!

the laundry room is a good example. i love love love how the new counter/backsplash/sink/faucet combo came out. absolutely love it. then i found a wallpaper that i couldn’t afford. then i decided to do paint and try those star decals. then when the paint was going up i had a freak out moment and decided it looked waaay too light and changed colors after the first coat. the color that i finally landed on is one i know and like but ended up not being the look i was going for at all. and i haven’t shared it because it wasn’t done done (goes back to my fear of sharing unfinished work!). but i do think it’s good to be honest about what’s not working out so here’s the laundry right now…

flash photography is making it look pretty good but here's why i think it’s a mistake - the room doesn’t get much light and the color looks darker than i wanted. much darker. here it is with the flash off:

there's another issue too - it’s too much blue with the floor which is already a blue/gray tile. i was afraid of that but didn’t listen to that little internal voice saying do something else! i tried covering it up with a rug but the rug looks a little strange in there. but everything leads back to those annoying walls and staying true to my initial vision instead of rushing to finish the room!

what do you do when you make mistakes? decide to live with it? change it immediately? see how it feels after some time passes? i’ll try to share more of my mistakes and the process of correcting them :)

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Lacey said...

If you don't like it, then change it. If you don't have the time, try putting bright things on the walls. I framed some really fun fabric samples I got and hung them on the wall to brighten things up a little and it worked for the space we had. But if the wall color is still bothering you, then change it. For better or worse, you spend a lot of time in there (with 3 boys.. ahem, I mean men, and all!) you might as well like the room! Love the counters and backsplash!!

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