September 3, 2013

Projects Projects Projects!

hi! we had a great long weekend and i'm super sad to be setting the alarm tonight to go back to work tomorrow. a good mix of busy and relaxed and as you can likely tell by the title of this post, we had a lot of projects going on. the laundry room which i've been hiding away until it is done-done is almost done :), the basement playroom craft nook is really coming along and looks super cute (my first chalkboard paint experience!), our master bedroom and family room tvs are mounted on the wall (!), and i've recently been hired by my brother-in-law to help him decorate his new nyc apartment. he is sans roommate and i couldn't be more excited about my first bachelor pad project! (if you follow me on pinterest, you were probably annoyed by the millions of pins sunday night!)

i also did a major clean out of my kitchen. i am a pile-er. it's not my best trait but one i think i inherited (easier to blame it on the genes right?). so i went through all of the piles that had accumulated in the kitchen and recycled and recycled and recycled. i make it sound like i'm a hoarder - it's not that bad! but it feels so good to be done with that.

so anyway, i promise to get to some real stuff this week but for now i'll just leave you with this bachelor loft bedroom designed by sarah richardson. mmmm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i am working on so many projects right now too! and i love that room, but wish it had a different bed, the pattern just isn't doing it for me!

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