September 11, 2013

Take The Plunge!

i did it, i took the plunge. for my birthday this year (actually i cheated and did it a month or two before) i decided to suck it up and try la mer face cream or crème. i went to nordstrom and had a full tutorial on the different options, sampled a bunch, and had a lesson on how to apply. this is serious stuff. ultimately i decided to go with the tried and true crème de la mer. their original product. they also have a light weight lotion and a gel but i liked the feeling of the original best.

did you know you have to put it on a very particular way? kind of a pain actually and makes some of the other options more attractive. but the original you have to rub between your fingers to warm it up and then press it into your face. no rubbing it around.

so the price. yeah. but here was my thought process...
  • i don’t have to commit. if i like it but don’t love it then i can try something else, preferably less expensive.
  • you probably wouldn’t hesitate too long to treat yourself on your birthday to a bag that costs $150 or a pair of jeans so think of it like that. granted the length of time this will last for is much, much shorter but stop raining on my parade ;) actually so far i’ve been using it for about four months once a day and i can see another four months left.
  • the very smart saleswoman also mentioned that it can be used as eye cream which is one less thing to worry about and buy.

i’m trying to convince my mom to give it a go as well. did this work mom? so my overall score - 4.5 out of 5. i have noticed a definite difference when i use it regularly but haven't seen quite the results that some people claim to in the reviews on the la mer website. go read the reviews - people are in love with themselves!!

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