October 21, 2013

Hardware Swap-out

ugh i warned you last week would be bad. i'm scared it's going to be like that through the end of the year :( but i wrote a few posts over the weekend so i will hopefully be more up to speed this week! we had a fun weekend with the boys including a 2 year old bday party complete with a baby animal petting zoo. huge hit. take note mamas out there! but i was also able to get a few projects done including hanging 7 pictures (more on that to come!).

"again?" is what both my husband and a friend said to me when i told them i was changing out our kitchen hardware. yes, yet again we have new pulls and knobs. :) to stay this time! the problem was once we changed out the pendants in our kitchen, the black knobs and pulls which i was so fond of started to look heavy against the shiny nickel. you so would have agreed if you saw it in person! ;) so i went back to the drawing board to find nickel pulls and knobs to try and ordered a bunch of both to see different styles. ended up choosing these...

cliffside artisan pulls:

i picked this style after studying lots of kitchens that i have pinned and noticed that simple pulls like this were used in a lot of them. i think the old cup pulls - which i absolutely adore - added to the weight. but  this style keeps some of that vintage-y feel with the faux screw.

and rejuvenation 1 1/4" mushroom knob:

i picked these because i wanted a knob that had a little bit chunkier base. learned from the last ones that they look a little wimpy when the base is really small. this one just had the perfect proportions to my eye.

but ugh there was a bit of drama with rejuvenation and i doubt i will order from them again to be honest. the first set of knobs came and every single one had small dents or nicks (all 26 of them). i was honestly appalled. what kind of quality control is that? they were very nice about replacing them when i called but still. annoying. the new batch came and they were much better but frankly not completely perfect. i was sick of hunting for other options so i put the ones that had minor imperfections on the lower cabinets and really you would never know. on the bright side, love the shape!

all part of the kitchen facelift master plan! p.s. our tile is in for the backsplash! yay!

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Anonymous said...

Love the change and see what you mean about it being a lighter look.

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