November 19, 2013

Land Of Nod Holiday

hello! i don't know what happened this weekend. i didn't prepare a single post. no excuses, i just didn't have it in me. we did have a fun weekend though! and it's been freakishly warm here - like high 50s/ new england. zero complaints!

holiday catalogs are rolling in and this is one time of year that i don't just immediately recycle everything. i love curling up with a good stack and turning down the corners! land of nod is killing it this season with their holiday goods.

is there a better christmas tree skirt out there? this is so reminiscent of david hicks' hexagon pattern and in burlap and gold.

i have been looking forever (like years) for a tree topper. i don't know why i've been so picky about it but i wanted something out of the ordinary. probably because growing up we had this rudolph puppet that always topped our tree and i loved it. so i wanted something unique for my own tree too. this little penguin might finally end my search!


these animal ornaments are so cute.


and these garlands need to be draped over a fireplace.



what do you think? are you sprucing up your holiday decor this year?

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