November 26, 2013

No Sleep

i hate not having a monday post! sorry :( there is very little sleep going on in my house lately - i think both boys are teething and apparently this keeps them wide awake. at all hours of the day/night. between that, work, and trying to get ready for thanksgiving travel, it is leaving me very little time for blogging.

but in the meantime i had to share this bathroom from caitlin wilson designs. those baseboards make me drool (speaking of teething!).

i would never have the courage to do that on my own but seeing it in a small space like this bathroom  is so inspirational. even if this color is too loud for you, i think you get so much bang for your buck by painting trim an unexpected color. plus there are so many other good things going on in this little space like the blue and white striped walls - in vertical stripes no less. and did you see that chandelier reflecting in the mirror? dreamy.

as the boys would say, "night niiiight"

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