November 20, 2013

Ready To Cook Meals, Delivered

so the latest online craze has to be these subscription services... clothing through a stylist (like this one), packaged ingredients and recipes for meals, and even doggie goodies. on the food side, i've tried having prepared food or fresh food delivered to the house as a substitute for some grocery shopping (through graze for those in NE). it was ok - we ended up still wasting some food in the end so i didn't feel like it was too useful.

but there are other companies that come up with weekly menus, source and measure out ingredients, package everything up with a recipe card and send it all out for you to cook up. i like the idea of fresh ingredients already cut and and ready to go - no waste! so has anyone heard of blue apron, hello fresh, or plated? or better yet, used them?

any others to recommend? i am not exactly a chef so for me, the skill/difficulty level needs to be low! p.s. blue apron is on gilt boston right now.

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lacey said...

we've used healthy Habits Kitchen ( and loved it. They deliver it frozen, but the food is pretty good when it's cooked. And they send the exact ingredients so there's no waste... and even I, the worst cook in the world, can follow the directions. Makes it look like you slaved all day!

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