December 16, 2013

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

greetings from the snowy north :) we will most definitely be having a white christmas this year. i guess that's every year really. so i don't know what happened on friday. i think i forgot that it was friday and that i needed to do a post. i forgot that there are 5 days in a week!!?? ;)

this year to add a little christmas cheer to my dining table i am adding these plaid plates. i love the classic tartan patterns. i think my favorite is the white background.

unfortunately they look like they're sold out now - i originally saw them in hgtv magazine and found them online at dillards of all places. i bought eight plates and just found out this weekend that we will be having nine instead of our usual seven for christmas eve dinner so i will be one short. oops. hopefully no one will really notice (except for the ones who read this blog!)!

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