December 3, 2013

Mid-Century Moment

so whadya buy on cyber monday? anything good?? i bought a moroccan rug at world market which was not exactly part of the christmas shopping that i was supposed to be doing! oopsie. trying to get the house looking its prettiest for the holidays. and speaking of which... the backsplash starts today!! so very excited :)

getting to the point...if you would have asked me a few years ago, i would have said no thanks but lately i've been having a real thing for mid-century modern style. so i've gathered up a bunch of rooms that all use this style in one way or another. from nurseries to living rooms.

all images via pinterest

one of the first people that comes to mind for me when thinking of this style is emily henderson. recently she helped joanna goddard at cup of jo redo her apartment. you've probably seen them already but i like what's going on here! :)

what do you think? is it for you?

1 comment:

michelle said...

i used to hate mid-century modern but now i love it. i love how simple and clean it is. plus it's a style even my boyfriend likes and that's pretty good! also, emily henderson is amazing.

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