December 4, 2013

Stitch Fix Fail

and by fail i mean like epic fail. as promised i am reporting back on my shipment of loot from stitch fix. and well i feel like i should be honest… i hated every single piece in the box. :( eeks! i have to say that i was genuinely surprised because all of the people who i know that use stitch fix have really good taste and have had great success. i was expecting to love it all!

it was all so cheap, and truthfully, tacky. it was like they were shopping for a 15 year old girl. a gold and black chevron polyester dress. a blue and white striped shirt that looked promising until i saw it had shoulder pads and sequins/beads on the shoulders. a striped racerback tank top that i literally think came straight from the juniors department. an acrylic pea coat that came from the same juniors department. and lastly a pair jeans but jeans i have and i don’t need a super cheap pair. i threw it all into the return bag so quickly that i didn't even stop to take a picture!

(similar dress to this one from the nordstrom's juniors but gold instead of white)

i had even linked my pinterest fashion board to my style profile and there is no way anyone looked at it when they picked out what to send me! i will take partial blame. i set up my account with low price options so maybe they didn’t have a lot to work with. but i still feel like they could have found a few things that were more appropriate.

enough bashing - i want to give them one more shot because if the stuff is actually good, it really is beyond convenient. we’ll chalk it up to beginner’s (bad) luck and i think i’ll give them another chance maybe after the new year.

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Jess said...

So glad you posted this because I am scheduled to get my first Stitch Fix in January and now I'm tempted to cancel...ugh!

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