January 9, 2014

Gifting To Yourself

so this christmas my lovely husband was sitting in a chair with a pile of gifts that he had been given. i saw him pull one out – a red lumpy package with a tag that said “daddy.” it took me a couple of seconds but i realized - i did not wrap that gift and it was definitely not my wrapping job! he began unwrapping it with this little smile on his face and so i had to ask “what is that?!”. "oh, it’s from lily." lily is our dog for anyone who doesn’t know, and while lily is a very smart dog, she is in fact incapable of going shopping or wrapping gifts. sneaky sneaky!

innocent lily

have you done this before or did you do it this christmas? buy yourself something, wrap it up, put a tag on it, and open it christmas day? this is something i would fully expect from someone like say, myself, but not someone like my better half. it made me wonder maybe everyone does it occasionally?! anyway it ended up being a duffle bag that he claimed i wouldn’t have bought it for him. he may or may not be correct about that ;) i am not a duffle fan (see here). although if he had asked for it, i’m sure i would have put my own feelings aside and got him his beloved duffle.

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Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Hahaha I've never done that, but I remember my sister-in-law did it in college with A LOT of presents and she got in A LOT of trouble. I had to admire her for guts.

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