January 15, 2014

PB Good Finds

did you know that i used to have my husband read every single post before i posted it? i was so nervous about being misunderstood or sounding crazy that i constantly asked him "do you get what i'm saying here??". and he always obliged me even if he had no idea what i was talking about! but i just remembered that and simultaneously realized that i stopped doing it. it feels good to not be as worried what people think. random but there's my positive thought for the day!

anyway! i've always been a fan of pottery barn - there are many others who will say "oh that looks so pottery barn" with a negative connotation. and while i wouldn't outfit my entire house in pb, i have a great sectional from them, a bed frame, and a bunch of stuff for the boys. there are some things that they just do really well so no looking down from this nose!

here are a few items that i'm loving from them right now.

horizontal striped curtain panels - with blackout lining. these are almost identical to the ones in my house!

this blue and white ikat vase.

a squared off headboard with a double row of nailheads. i wish it came in a twin size for the little ones (one day - we're still in cribs here)!

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