January 13, 2014

Persians (Of The Rug Variety)

happy monday everyone! i had a really busy and fun weekend (we threw a bday party for our little two year olds!). and now it's already monday! trying to be a good little blogger and hoping i can get a bunch of posts lined up for this week. i have lots to share just not sure i have the time to get it all together!

i am having a little thing for persian rugs lately. i can't get enough of them. and trying to find just the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack - at least on my budget. i'm trying to find a rug for our front entry to warm up that space a bit and i scoured ebay until i found this one. (took this pic in our office for better light but it's not meant for there!)

i love it, especially the tribal feel, but it has a problem - it's too small. and i really have no other place for it. but it got me searching for rooms with persian rugs for inspiration. i could look at these all day!

image via little green notebook

image via because it's awesome

p.s. see these two posts at belclaire house for really gorgeous persians. here and here

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