January 17, 2014

The Counter Stools I Wish I Had

sorry friends. work life balance is non-existent at the moment and the blog always suffers as a result. i'm also helping with a couple of friends with projects which is really fun but take precedence over blogging when push comes to shove. btw, for those of you who follow me on pinterest and have wondered whether i'm having a baby named "h", i can tell you that no, no baby for me but one of my projects right now is helping to plan a nursery for a baby girl which is super exciting and fun! the other project is a gallery wall in a kitchen which i think is going to look fantastic. can't wait to share everything when the time is right!

ok, so, this absolutely kills me – you search and search for the right thing of whatever you happen to be looking for. let’s say it’s counter stools. just as an example. and finally you decide on a certain style of stool and take the plunge and buy four of them. and then a little while later – say like a year later – you see this other stool in a magazine that you so would have chosen had it been available when you were first looking. and you possibly scream out loud at the picture of the stool “NO NO NO”. and your husband might think there is really something wrong and doesn’t understand that there really is something wrong when you explain what just occurred. because in the case of counter stools, it’s not like you go buying them just because you see something better. they’re not exactly expendable. we’re not talking about an iphone case here. so you are fraught with this hard and fast buyer’s remorse that makes you want to do something rash like put your current counter stools on craigslist. but you eventually calm down and clear your head and you don’t actually put them on craigslist (but there is still that little voice in the back of your head!).

tell me this has happened to you. actually it did happen to me recently with the powder room wallpaper i guess. but i’m not making a habit of that! truthfully i’m not convinced that these stools would be right for my space anyway but i will file them on my “some day” list for when i'm decorating a summer house. :) have a great weekend!

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