February 19, 2014

Family Portrait

hello dear readers. i have no time lately to do any blogging. boo! but on a positive note we are all finally healthy which i'll take any day of the week over some silly blog posts. we got about 8 more inches of snow yesterday putting this year's total at just about 77". ha but it really does feel that way. we are running out of places to put it all! and to add insult to injury our snowblower broke and we had to shovel half the driveway. oye.

ok so more artwork... today i'm thinking about a gallery wall that i'm planning for the hallway that connects our front entry with the main kitchen/family room living space. i have a couple of prints already - one of them being this donkey photo that i love - but i went to my pinterest art board to look for more inspiration and came across this pin: a family portrait from rifle paper co.

adorable. i don't know if it's right for this project or not but i love the style so much that i wanted to share it. it's a good chunk of change to get one of these made but man are they cute. any other suggestions for this kind of print? i did find this shop on etsy which looks like a great option as well.

hmm, mother's day is in may...just sayin... ;)

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