February 4, 2014

New Online Sources

oh hello! blogging when i can right now so thanks for sticking with me. just found out that my new job and schedule is now slated to start in march so i have another month of this. fun fun! in the meantime i've come across or heard about a few websites that i thought i'd share.

two for the home - chairish and hunter's alley. these two feel essentially the same to me. the premise is anyone can buy and sell their furniture and home decor items on these sites but the curators of the sites approve whether your item is "worthy" of being on their site. so kind of a highly edited craigslist.

chairish has an app which helps me waste even more time on my phone. :) i found things from west elm and crate and barrel, some fun vintage pieces, and some high end.

at hunter's alley i found an dwr eames rocker and a nice beni ourain rug.

and two clothing sites - jomers and kiel james patrick

guys, love bonobos? well you might love jomers even more - for pants at least (complete with fun lining like bonobos). some reviews claim they copied bonobos and just slashed the prices. i can't personally attest to the quality but they might be worth a try, especially with free shipping!

preppy mcprepperstons listen up! kiel james patrick might just be for you. lots of fun rope bracelets and belts.

has anyone tried any of these sites? i'd love to hear about any and all!

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Meyer said...

Hey Everyone,

Meyer here, founder of Jomers.

First off, thank you for the post Meredith! We're small and just getting started so we definitely appreciate spreading the good word about us!

We're not about copying anyone or slashing prices. The way we see it, customers have been over paying for American made products. If you look around the menswear landscape, you won't find anyone doing what we're doing. You'll never find a high quality American made pant for anything near what we're charging.

Most menswear pants, whether they're JCrew, Bonobos, or Brooks Brothers are selling for around $80 - $100 and are made in third world factoring halfway around the world using cheap fabrics and labor. We use European fabrics and the same factories as Theory and Rag & Bone and we're still selling our pants for $50. Go figure.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we think Jomers would make a lovely gift for any guy you know.

Feel free to send us an email and we'll provide you and your readers with a first time buyer's discount. We're here to help anytime!


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