February 6, 2014

Target Shopping Bonanza!

right around the new year i went to target with good intentions of shopping for birthday party decor - which i did do and found had some great stuff - but i accidentally got sidetracked in the threshold accessories section of target. and holy gold mine!!! i think i bought the store out. there is no motivation quite like knowing there will be bunch of people in your house to quickly try to style, accessorize, and whip it into shape! our built-ins around the fireplace were in a sad state affairs and desperately needed some accessorizing.

i came home with a bevy of wood and white ceramic vases and frames (some that still need pictures!)...

(sneak peek of our new blue/gray walls!)

oh and that box on the bottom shelf too which has a gold insert on the top. i also found a fabulous lamp, a shade, and another frame all for the entry that will be in an upcoming post!

hog wild. SO much good stuff!! and you know if i went there specifically looking for this stuff i would have struck out.

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