March 14, 2014

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig

if you follow me on instagram, then you know where this is going. per usual, i'm about 2 years late on a trend here. fiddle leaf figs have been all over the pages of every magazine and blog known to man. or at least it feels like it.

but i don't do indoor plants. i can't take care of them, and i really don't want to, and i always thought fake plants looked like a funeral home and therefore any and all greenery was pretty much banished from our home. (sorry mom, you already knew my feelings about dried out plants!) but then i walked into pottery barn last weekend to return a lampshade and came face to face with a 6' tall faux fiddle leaf fig.

someone please help me with the shelf styling!

and the nice lady let me use a 15% off online code that i had. i picked up the basket for $15 at homegoods and the look is complete! i'm kinda shocked by how much i love it. it adds a lot of depth and warmth to the family room. my other half had been complaining reminding me that the tv wall looked really empty. but i was hesitant to put up a whole bunch of art and couldn't think of what else to do. this plant has totally done the trick!

not going to lie though - it doesn't look super real. i'm sure if you had the real thing and took a look at this, you wouldn't be impressed. but for me, killer of all things green, it works!

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