March 5, 2014

Kitchen Window Treatments

as i've been saying for a while now, we need some fabric on our kitchen windows. it goes such a long way to softening up all of the hard surfaces. i love all of the beautiful trim and casing on our windows so i'm thinking of inside mount, relaxed roman shades. there are five windows in total - the kitchen sink, three in the kitchen table nook, and one in the family room. and they're all on the same wall so whatever i do, it needs to be the same for all five and therefore work in both the kitchen and family room.

first i was digging bamboo or natural fiber shades. but that wouldn't really soften things and also my hubby "hates" them apparently. i'm telling you - it was a viceral reaction. so i switched gears and went on to fabric. a few inspiration images...

(love this one and i think i've posted it before but it's just so pretty!)


Ann Gavin said...

Love those ideas! Do you like them for bathrooms, too? I'm having such a hard time deciding on bath window treatments.

meredith said...

Yes! i think that would definitely work in a bathroom. the only thing to maybe consider is using sunbrella fabric or something that can withstand moisture depending on the size of the bathroom and how much ventilation it gets. we have half shutters in our bathroom and they work great for privacy but still let light in. another idea!

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