April 2, 2014

Big Decision.

drum roll please...

i've decided to give up decorating projects for 1 year.

whoop there it is. a whole year! it's crazy. cray cray. (a friend sent me a blog post once that said you shouldn't say cray cray over 30. probably shouldn't say whoop there it is either.) and i might go crazy trying to stick to this decision! anyone who reads this blog, and especially those who know me personally, may have already felt their eyeballs roll back in their heads and muttered *something* to the effect of "right." i'm an addict, i fully admit it. but i'm for real y'all! it's time to ratchet back all of those design lusts and just live. well not the lusts so much but the taking action on those lusts!

basically no room makeovers, no new rugs, furniture, etc. the exceptions to my rule are things that are already in the works, of which there are a few (e.g. kitchen/family room window treatments), and things that are a necessity (e.g. when the boys are ready for big boy beds). i think this is going to be fun, painful at first, but fun in the end. i know my husband will appreciate a break from the constant change that is always going down in our house! or at least the costs of those changes.

(adding a random pretty picture so you stay with me)

and it will take a ton of self control - kind of a big deal for me since it's clearly something that i tend to lack! i love love love doing design projects and taking you all on my journey. but as much as i love this blog, i think it has encouraged me/made me feel obligated to always be doing something "big" to share. and i think that's evolved - it didn't start that way. so back to the basics which just means that i'll have to get more creative. the projects that i am able to do going forward will be more of the diy variety. and otherwise i hope to feature more of other people's projects - big or small! did you get new pillows? i want to see! did you redo a bath? i definitely want to see! and anything in between! and then also do shorter sort of "mini" posts to help keep my life in balance. it takes a lot of time writing all of this stuff!

so, my to-do list will wait and i'm sure my inspiration files will grow out of control :)

p.s. super wordy post - thanks for sticking with me!


Lacey said...

Selfishly, I am sad, but sometimes it takes stepping away from the chaos of re-doing to appreciate all you have done! Good for you, M... but I hope you'll answer when I call you for help!! :)

Lynn said...

I'm sad but hope you will share all the awesome stuff you have going on in your house! I love it! :)

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