May 15, 2014

Florals In Black And White

have i talked about this before? i can't remember. and that my friends is what happens when you are a mom - or at least it's what's happened to me. i can't remember anything!

anyway, black and white (and grey) floral fabrics are in big time and i personally love the look. it takes an otherwise old fashioned pattern or “seen that a 100 times before” fabric and breathes fresh life into it.

pyne hollyhock from schumacher is maybe my favorite (and how many times have i put this bedroom on this blog now?!).

the new smoke colorway of chiang mai has me all excited. i'm still a fan of the other colorways too although i think it was time for something new.

thibaut has some really great new fabrics out. i’m loving their whole enchantment collection. one of the new ones is called luzon and it's kind of like a modern toile.

what other ones do you have your eye on?

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