May 29, 2014


i've said this a bunch of times today but i can't believe i'm writing this - we lost our sweet lily girl early wednesday morning. she would have been eight next month and was a healthy and very energetic girl. people thought she was two or three. it came out of nowhere - one moment she was fine and then overnight was suddenly extremely sick. we rushed her to the er where they stabilized her for a bit but then realized she was quickly headed downhill.

she was a one of a kind dog. incredibly sweet and good, a favorite among her dog walkers. she was an extremely persnickety eater, she would sometimes skip meals or turn her nose up at a treat. she was a runner - man did she love to run, especially off leash. very observant - nothing got by her. a little too friendly with guests - she loved being near people. but didn't always want to be petted by her brothers. she didn't mind being dressed up - she liked to wear fleece pajamas and coats. a picture of her wearing high heels was my profile photo for this blog for a long time until i recently changed it. she loved her blankies and would pull them over herself with her teeth. she had one particular toy, a red crab, that she always chose above the rest. but above all she loved her family and her family adored her. and i want her and all of her funny quirks back so badly.

our first baby, taken away far too early. rest in peace my sweet lily. we love you.

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brooke's life at home said...

I am so sorry, M. Even though you were always so good to put her in a different room when I came over, she was one of the first dogs I actually liked- she was well behaved and oh so sweet. Sending our love.

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