May 27, 2014

My Weekend

hey hey hey. you guys. we have a woodpecker and it's mistaking our house for a tree. for two mornings in a row now at 6 am it has started pounding into the siding. it literally sounds like a jackhammer. it's crazy! how do we get it to stop?!

anyway, how was your long weekend? all weekends should be 3 days. mine was very nice - i held a 5 day old infant which was sooo nice especially when you aren't awake all night with them (!), had a toddler playdate which is always comical and inevitably ends in someone crying over sharing :), and enjoyed some long, late dinners.

we were also super productive and did a bunch of things outside like setting up our veggie planter, patching up a few places in the lawn that were destroyed over the winter, and filling up the planters purty flowers. only thing was that the weather kinda blew up here in ne. it's late may. 50s are not cool.

so with the garden bed i ended up going with the first option in this post made by gronomics. two day free shipping from amazon! i realllly loved the metal one (third one in the post) but my mom made a great point that it might get hot sitting out in the sun which didn't seem like a great idea with little ones, or anyone with hands who might touch it for that matter. the gronomics planter was a cinch to build, especially since the hubby did the building ;), and i planted three kinds of tomatoes, basil, thyme, rosemary, and mint. you may have seen on instagram:

i really hope i can remember to water regularly. ;) it's tuesday already yay!

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