May 28, 2014

Take The Mint Out!!

like immediately. my total lack of knowledge in the garden is showing! a friend of mine texted me at 8:15 yesterday morning and said "take the mint out of your planter!!" so thankful she read my post! apparently mint is very strong and will take over the whole bed. so i ran out and got a smaller pot where it can live happily without killing it's neighbors. (thank you for the tip LB!!)

now i'm almost afraid to show what i did in the planters - but here goes! (last year's here)

the tall purple flowers are actually perennials which i now know means that they are meant to be planted in the ground and come up every year. so after this summer i can give them a new home somewhere in one of our beds. most importantly i was looking for flowers that can take full sun and all of these claim to.

in other news the woodpecker was back at our bedroom wall, this time before 6am. and the kids slept through the night so it's not like i was not awake anyway which is doubly infuriating. drilling a hole into the side of our house is one thing but messing with our sleep is a totally different story. beware woodpecker.

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