June 30, 2014


hello there. i'm tired and busy and have no time thus a very random post for today.. but we did have a good weekend! pool, playing, and ice cream for the boys. and some lounging and wine for the adults :)

a few weeks ago i painted a little table red for C's room (posted it on ig) but i decided it was too bright red. unfortunately in order to repaint it i had to sand the whole thing down first which was my project yesterday. i hate sanding bleh. but it's done so this week i can try out a new color (and this time test it on something first!).

we also somehow ended up getting a new outdoor table. actually this was a sanctioned purchase and something we needed. our current table squeezes 6 but if you want to put any food on it then good luck. we had some people over a few weekends ago and it was embarrassing trying to fit everyone. the new one can seat up to 10 but the best part is that it's an extension table and the two leaves fold up in the table so there's no hassle with taking them out and storing them. like this...

in my haste on friday, i forgot to include one of the best sales going on - serena and lily! my mom is getting new twins beds for their guest room and ordered the new balboa headboards. love.

there are so many things on my wishlist from s&l. their summer catalog makes me want to pick up and move to california like yesterday.

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