June 18, 2014

More Real Estate!

first and foremost, happy anniversary to my one and only mr. r! i love you!!

some more houses around us...oh, and these are some really good ones!

this one i actually posted last year but it was from the car so i didn't have the full view. on foot, you can see it's actually a little compound with that separate barn/garage on the left.

landscaping at this one is incredible!

this house is new but i liked the color scheme - very beachy and cape-y. when in rome!

but then as we walked past we noticed the yard behind it has a mini fenway park scoreboard and green monstah. i can never let the boys see this ;)

this house has a gray/brown/pink color scheme and it's adorable.

very sweet and especially love the red flowers spilling over and through the fence.

promise to take even more - there is no shortage of gorgeous inventory!

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