July 14, 2014

Design Board: C's Big Boy Room

hey! did i ever tell you how much i love summer? it's just so much easier than the cold months and everyone is relaxed and tan. haha! we went into boston on saturday and it made us both wish we either lived closer or went more often. it's so good for the boys to see the city with all the noises and action and different people. we were feeling way too surburban!

this weekend in addition to some real work-work, i did some fun-work dreaming up just how i imagine the boys' rooms to look. i'm starting with charlie's because his is right in my wheelhouse. it's going to be nautical playing off the colors that are already going on in there - mainly blues and red. my achilles heel is always editing. i end up having so many different ideas that i wind up with way too much going on. the other risk is making it too theme-y. definitely want to avoid that so i need to think of unexpected things that will make it fresh.

so here's what i pulled together...

some of these things are currently in the room like the lamps and striped curtains that i'm keeping. i also bought the red toile shams from serena and lily forever ago and have been storing them away. unfortunately there was a dark ikea dresser (see pic below) that completely fell apart any time i put more than three shirts in it so we had to get rid of it. otherwise i would have worked that in too.

the other thing that's been a real challenge in this room is space planning. it's a bit of a funky shape. kind of a square but then has this closet and other area to the side. here's what it looked like as a playroom as a reminder of the space.

(view from the door - door on the right is into the bathroom)

(view from the nook space)

(closet on the right and nook space)

my original idea was to do two twin beds but as i began to play around with a tape measure i didn't love  any of the options where they would fit. also the idea of laying down in a twin bed (bound to happen, especially with C) wasn't very appealing to us so we quickly switched tacks to a full size bed.

with that in mind, there are two main places to put the bed - on the same wall as the door (right side of the middle pic above) or directly across from that on the wall in front of the windows. i think it's so much more welcoming to walk into a room where (if possible) the bed is facing you instead of facing away from you. so i'm going with the more unconventional choice of putting the bed in front of the double windows. as of now i'm thinking the dresser will go on the same wall as the bathroom door (space straight ahead in the middle pic above).

i'm excited! i think it will be cute - but not too cute so it lasts a while. that's another goal too - the main pieces like the bed, nightstand, dresser have to grow with him so he likes them still at 15. (15!!! ahh!)

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