July 16, 2014

Real Estate Listings: New Construction

new construction is the name of the game around here. so many new homes going up! before we lived in our current house i wouldn't have thought i was a fan of new construction but having lived here now, it's been incredibly nice to not have to worry about major things and have that hanging over your head. plus the energy efficiency of a new home is fantastic.

here's one that's on the market for just under $3M (we can always dream big ;) and although there are no interior shots yet, the exterior is very promising. 5,800 sf and 5 bedrooms according to the listing.

pretty front entry and love those 6 over 1 windows. that's actually what we have at our house too.

great detail on the garage.

and it's a 3 car garage!

love that it's pretty from all angles - front, side, back - it doesn't matter they all look good.

i'll keep an eye out for interior shots!

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