July 10, 2014

Werk. And Some Porch Lights.

work is back to being in a bad bad place. sorry for the silence. no time for blogging or even just relaxing really. sucks. and just to show how much i've lost my mind...i walked into tj maxx/home goods last week wearing this.

yep not even close and the thing is they actually feel really different on!! but i didn't even realize until i tried on a pair of shoes (jack rogers wedges actually that were pretty cute) and then went to put my shoes back on. i literally said out loud "why are there two different shoes here?" like totally dumbfounded. explains a weird look i got in the parking lot!

but getting to the point... a while ago we strung some outdoor globe lights on our porch and we've been loving how it looks, especially at night, so i thought i'd share!

the ceiling fan is a bit of an eye sore but so worth it! anyway, you can find these lights lots of places and some of the prices i've seen are insane - like $100+ for one string! i opted for the target version which are $15 (or maybe $20 max) for a string of 25!

the string part is green like christmas tree lights which isn't really my favorite and makes it stick out against our white ceiling. we used little white hooks to hang the strings so at least those disappear. i strung the lights completely randomly so they crossed over and under a bunch. and obviously kept clear of the fan :) at night it really does look magical! from inside...

and from outside...

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