July 1, 2014


i'm having major design-project withdrawal lately. everything i see i think "i could do something with that in my house." it's like when you go to the grocery store without eating, actually more like if you were fasting, and everything looks delicious. so i decided to start thinking about the boys' big boy rooms to give myself a little taste if you will. ;)

all from my pinterest board "boy rooms"...

the colors in this one remind me of finn's room a little with the pops of orange. also like that there's only one side table - gives me the confidence to do this too.

again the pops of orange and also the beds.

simple, clean, and cute!

this one feels collected and i love it.

this one a little more modern than i would go but i love the colors and oversize art.

i love that i get to dream up two different spaces but i have a feeling decision-making is going to paralyze me. so many great ideas out there!

p.s. i read that magazine, fresh style. it's cute but it's a little craft-y for my tastes. mostly diy stuff which we all know isn't my forte. :)

p.p.s. it's july. i seriously want to know where june went.

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