September 30, 2014

Elizabeth And James Jewelry

i almost never do posts on jewelry because i'm completely boring and wear the same pieces everyday.  it works and i don't have to think about it which is important - one less thing to worry about in the morning. but i had some precious me-time in anthropologie this weekend and saw a necklace on a girl there that i loved. so naturally i had to ask her where she got it and of course it was anthro! duh!

so then i wondered what other little gems (pun intended :) were out there in anthro's jewelry section and it turns out a lot... but almost everything that i clicked on was by elizabeth and james. they make some awesome, awesome pieces.

good lord i love anthropologie. a friend of mine, who is just as obsessed, and i were talking and we agreed that some of their stuff is a little out there - like i'm pretty sure i saw a rug being sold as a sweater - but the stuff that's good is really really good.

p.s. anthro is definitely not the only place to find elizabeth and james pieces - shopbop, saks, and others sell it too!

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