September 23, 2014

Kitchen Table Ideas

one day when we don't have flying food and pounding forks anymore we'll replace our kitchen table (and same goes for the rug under the table, ew!). our current table has been with us since our first apartment before we were married. it's a workhorse and oddly enough has fit into each house we've owned since. but it's not really my style any more and is showing some wear. so i'm doing my research now to figure out exactly what i want.

the eating area in our kitchen is awesome but a little bit of a strange size in that we can fit about a 65" table. and most readily available tables are typically 60" or 72". it's been hard finding one that's in between. so we may end up going custom. but there is one thing i do know - i want a farm table. it's a style that works with so many other styles. and looks better with age!

so i've been pulling together table styles and finishes that will help me piece together in my mind exactly what i hope to find or maybe create! (again - at least a year from now!)

i love this simple trestle style.

this one from restoration hardware has a great finish.

crate and barrel makes a chunky parsons table that's actually exactly the length i'm looking for but the reviews scare me a little - it seems very high maintenance.

west elm has a couple right now but again sizes don't work.

the jameson table from ballard has a cool base.

or there's oval which is the shape we have now and really fits well but harder to find without spending a pretty penny!

so many open questions - what color for the finish? what shape for the top? and what style for the base??  do you love farmhouse tables too? would love to hear your faves!!


Anonymous said...

Do not get the Crate & Barrel table! I am a designer and researched farm tables for my sister. She has three young children so it had to withstand a lot. I went to Crate and Barrel, there's one right by my office, to take a look at a similar table that was in "Mango" wood. While no one was looking, I took my fingernail and scratched the table and the finish came right off.

meredith said...

thanks for sharing!! that is NOT good!

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