September 29, 2014

Mantlescaping & #TenDollarArt

hello friends! we had the most beautiful weekend here. very hard to believe it's the end of september! i think nice weekends like that make monday even harder :) soooo you maybe saw last week on ig that i had a moment to rethink our mantle. totally on a whim as always but i had been feeling like something wasn't right with the whole mirror situation over the fireplace. it felt too dark with the light stripes. so i shopped around the house for things that were out of "rotation". (do you do that too? i highly recommend keeping stuff that you don't have a home for in storage and then when you want to switch something up in your house, go to that pile first to see if there's something that will work - it really is like going shopping! and it's fun to find a completely different place in the house that you hadn't thought of before!)

i tried a few variations and settled on this - for now!! styling is not my forte and i've been working hard at getting better at it. this is good practice right?! we love the antique map of cape cod but hadn't found the right spot for it yet - it's been in at least 3 different places around the house! but i think it's working out in it's new place. the plant and the two small frames were already on the mantle. one other new addition is the ($10!!) watercolor in the gold frame - which leads me to the other part of this post. sarah swanson of gallery wall on etsy is the artist behind the simple watercolor which of course i found through ig. where else?!

this set of four prints by sarah - which look amazing in this photo - will set you back $40. i mean that's too good to pass up.

photo: monika hibbs

not only is her artwork fun and affordable, her ig account is amazing and her style will have you wanting to redo your whole house. she does neutrals like no one i've seen. it literally makes you want to live in a white and wood world. so calming and pretty.

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