October 2, 2014

Faux Leather Leggings

i saw these leggings on a girl on ig and i thought she looked cute. so as i clicked on the link i started to ask myself – faux leather leggings meredith?!

then this strream of questions and thoughts went through my head: do they scream tacky or are they fun? tacky isn’t the right word though. the girl in the picture didn’t look tacky and am i really that old/uptight?  maybe i the question is mom who’s trying to hard or cool mom?but ugh why do i now associate everything in my life from a “mom” perspective. i am a mom - and i love being a mom - but i’m not only a mom right? this question could probably be an entire post in itself) it basically boils down to this – me or not me?

all images via pinterest

so ladies out there - what do you think? you or not you? p.s. lots of clothing posts lately - must be fall :)


Megan Holsinger said...

I say totally you!

Mary-Beth Jones said...

I agree ~ !

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