October 20, 2014

Men's Fall Fashion

wow - such a busy weekend here! and it was practically summer again on friday and saturday - i'll take it! but fall is definitely back in the air now and at the risk of this turning into a fashion blog, here is yet another post on clothes! but this time for the guys - lots of good stuff out there for guys right now and it's never too early to start stocking up for xmas right? plus my men (all three) have birthdays right around the holidays which makes it that much more challenging!

timberland (of all brands!!! i was totally shocked) makes this great casual jacket.

peter millar has some handsome looking shirts. i got my hubby this one for our cali trip and thought it looked sharp!

i recently came across a new brand that i'm loving for guys called mountain khakis. i love this sweater/jacket hybrid.

a casual sport coat with an attached vest (bib i think they call it!). yummy.

this belt which i just drool over.

and a down vest in great fall colors.

a classic, preppy fleece pullover

promise to be back with interior-related stuff this week! some fun updates to share at my house!

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