November 18, 2014

3 Beauty Products I’m Trying

hi friends! this is such a busy time of year which is good but it also means that my blogging suffers.  plus we all have some form of a cold which is annoying and just slows everyone down. but i'm working on a new client project which i'm super excited about and can't wait to share more details!!

i thought today i'd focus on three products that i'm currently trying - with the holidays coming up and parties, it might be fun to try something new!

1. dior nail glow. people that know me will be shocked by this one - i'm a voracious nail biter. but once every few years or so i try to break the habit. like when i was towards the end of my pregnancy i freaked out that my babies would be disgusted by my hands so i grew my nails!! i made it 6 months or so. :) and i'm trying again right now. one thing that helps me is to keep a coat of polish on my nails and from everything i've heard, this one looks just as pretty with one coat as with two or even three. the color just gets a little pinker each time. i can't wait to see how it looks!

2. ysl touch éclat. this is actually something i've been using for a while but it's too good not to share. i use it for my under eye circles but it can also be used as a highlighter. i ran out last weekend and freaked! it's not drying or cakey and it blends in so easily you wouldn't know it's on - except for the fact that you look better :)

3. stila shimmer duo. i was between this and the bobbi brown shimmer brick. i like how you can blend the two colors and give your face some shine (mine needs a little help in the glow department!). and you can also use it as an eye shadow.

ok that's it - what are your favorites? please share!!

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