November 24, 2014

Client Project: Before Pic And Design Board

oopsy i didn't mean to blog only once last week but i got really busy with my client project and didn't make it back here. so i thought instead of just talk about it, i thought i'd show you!! my client is a mom of three little kids - like all-under-the-age-of-5 little - and also kicks ass at work. basically a superhero. ;) she hates her living room after she hired a designer to help her furnish it which is such a shame.

can you believe a professional did that? the prettiest part is the rug which she picked up herself at homegoods!

now getting to the good stuff...she loves everything serena & lily, and who can blame her, and reds, whites, and blues. so with that in mind, i set to work creating a couple of design boards. we'll be incorporating some existing side tables and the pillow at the top right in the board which she already has but everything else is new.

option 2 has a different rug obviously but also club chair and a chaise sofa.

we're also working on pulling together her dining room which is going to be really pretty too. i am so happy to be helping her with this project plus she has great taste which always makes it more fun!!

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